Don’t trust your financial future
to a name in a phone book.

Be matched with a qualified,
pre-screened Financial Professional.

The Montoya Registry is a personalized, no cost financial match-making service. Our counselors listen to your individual needs and goals and recommend the qualified, pre-screened Financial Professional who can offer custom solutions to your specific financial needs. It’s that simple.

No guesswork. No cost. No strings.

Almost anyone can call themselves
a “Financial Advisor”

There are no specific requirements in terms of education or experience, and the United States does not regulate the use of that title! Qualified advisor? Or glorified salesperson? If you’re considering seeking the assistance of a Financial Professional, you need to know the difference.

Find a qualified,
Financial Professional

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“Planning Today
for Wealth Tomorrow”

An 8-page personal budgeting workbook with tips on saving, debt reduction and financial planning.

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